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Amateur radio hobby competitions are held with the aim of perfecting the techniques and knowledge and skills required for each of the disciplines and branches of the amateur radio hobby. Often in the competitions themselves, the work of several sections comes to the fore, such as design work whose quality is reflected in the quality of antennas, or assemblies that give the operator section the necessary advantage to achieve certain results in a competition. are the conditions for maintaining connections now and immediately, where it is not possible to wait for more favorable conditions, and then all the knowledge is applied, both theoretical and practical, to extract confirmation of the connection from noise or impossible conditions, etc.

Generally there are many elements by which competitions can be divided but some basic divisions are by 1.Frequency range on which connections are maintained, 2.Modulation or mode used to establish a connection, 3. Aim of a competition by which competitions can then be international or regional or local with the desired promotion of an association or an important event.

After that, within each competition there are different categories which then make it possible for the same or similar teams to compete so the results should be representative in that category. Categories can also be within one competition 1.Frequency, 2.Modulation. 3. The power used to maintain the connection 4. The number of members of the team that participated in maintaining the connection 5. Duration (which in certain competitions can also be divided into 2 categories such as 12 or 24 hours or 48 hours)

Competitions and activities related to amateur radio do not have to be exclusively related to radio devices, because in addition to technical there are sports disciplines that combine technology and sports as ARG, and recently with miniaturization of devices and disciplines such as hiking combined with maintaining connections from precisely defined peaks. The so-called SOTA is becoming very popular.

So there is something for everyone, where it can be found according to their technical capabilities or the time available. It is only necessary to follow the competition calendars, read the competition rules well and fulfill all the conditions in order for the results to be recognized. This primarily refers to the proper keeping of a connection diary, on which the recognition of results depends, as well as that you send the diary on time, so that other correspondents would not be left without confirmation of the connections they made with you, because it is also part of Ham Spirit.
These are just some places where you can find out about terms and rules, and choose a discipline that interests you and test your competitive spirit.
Good luck!